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Summit SuperSeries


2020 IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals




October 15-17 at Memphis International Raceway 

2019 Summit Super Series World Champions

Keith Cleveland 

Top- Keith Cleveland


Dustin Avondet

Mod- Dustin Avondet 



kaden Harrill

Junior Dragster- Kaden Harrill


Dustin Carroll


Sportsman- Dustin Carroll


  >> 2019 Summit SuperSeries National Top 10 List <<



2020 SSS flier 




Summit SuperSeries  



This $200,000 program is the World Championship for grass roots drag racers at IHRA member tracks. Summit Racing Equipment, the Official Mail Order Company of IHRA, presents this revolutionary program for IHRA's thousands of grassroots racers. The Summit SuperSeries World Finals will take place October 15-17, 2020 at Memphis International Raceway.


This program will crown a true Top (Box), Mod (No Box), Sportsman and Junior Dragster World Champion.  There are two ways to gain entry into the Summit SuperSeries World Finals event.  A racer can qualify by either winning a Summit Super Series track championship at a participating IHRA member track OR by winning a Summit Team Finals main event class.

1)  WIN THE SUMMIT SUPERSERIES AT YOUR PARTICIPATING IHRA TRACK.  Each participating track will crown Summit SuperSeries track champions who will then move on to race at the IHRA Summit World Finals for the Summit SuperSeries World Championship.

Summit SuperSeries Step #1

Be a Summit SuperSeries member of the IHRA, including membership benefits, a license and a Summit SuperSeries number (X-Number). The second digit of the number will be the letter “X” or the last digit on Junior Dragsters.

If a racer runs in multiple classes, they must have a different X-Number registration for each class.   A competitor may only compete with one X-Number per class at any given facility.

Summit SuperSeries Step #2

* Sign up for points at a participating IHRA Summit SuperSeries track.

Summit SuperSeries Step #3

* Race at an IHRA track while running Summit SuperSeries X-Number. Summit SuperSeries eligibility does not begin until a valid X-Number with the IHRA is obtained, used as the car number and on the track’s points list. Failure to run the X-Number or failure of that number to appear on the track’s points may make a racer ineligible for the Summit SuperSeries even if a registered X-Number is on file with IHRA. Failure to maintain a current membership will result in a deduction in points for the events the membership was expired. “Gifted Rounds” are not permitted. Racers receiving “dives” as determined solely by IHRA may be disqualified.

Summit SuperSeries Step #4

* Become the Summit SuperSeries Champion as determined by a participating track. (see your local IHRA track for details)


Any Summit SuperSeries competitor that has a valid IHRA membership and X-Number from at least May 1, 2020 through the respective division’s 2020 Summit Team Finals event and can win the Team Finals Main Event will become eligible for the Summit SuperSeries World Finals Championship race.

To be considered eligible after winning the Summit Team Finals main event, a competitor will be verified by IHRA as having met Step #1 through Step #3 above, no different than the Summit SuperSeries track champion.  A 14-day renewal grace period will be granted for X-Number registrations that expire between May 1st and the Summit Team Finals event.  If a registration is not renewed within a 14-day period from the expiration date the racer will not be eligible. There are no exceptions.


1) Summit SuperSeries points will not count until racer is registered with both IHRA and track and running valid X-Number on vehicle with it appearing in track points.

2) Racers in all classes are eligible (based on participating track's discretion).

3) A racer may compete for the Summit SuperSeries track championship at more than one track and in more than one class. Should one racer win the SSS championship at multiple tracks or multiple classes at the same track, they will declare the track or class they will represent prior to the Summit Team Finals. Once the racer selects the track or class they will represent, the racer will forfeit the SSS track eligibility at the second track or the second class.

4)  A racer may only race in one class and represent one track at the SSS World Finals.

5) There will be no double entry for a competitor that wins the SSS track championship and a Summit Team Finals event. In the event a competitor wins both, regardless of class, the track championship will take precedent.

6)  There are no substitutions for a Summit SuperSeries track champion or for a Summit Team Finals champion if that competitor chooses not to attend the Summit World Finals.  Tracks that have a racer that forfeits eligibility for winning at two tracks or in two classes at the same track may submit the next highest valid SSS participant for eligibility consideration.


  • The Summit World Finals will be run on an 1/8 mile format.
  • Crosstalk will be used and will always be active in Top.
  • The use of trans brakes, two steps and automated shifters in the Mod category is permitted. The use of Delay boxes is prohibited in Mod.
  • Throttle stops are not permitted in any class. 
  • The use of nitrous is permitted only in the Top and Mod classes.
  • Bikes or sleds will run against cars.
  • Starting line enhancers prohibited in Mod and Sportsman
  • Sportsman Class is open to door cars only. Dial in restricted to 7.50 and slower 1/8 mile. The use of trans brakes, two steps, and delay boxes prohibited.  Throttle must be manually operated by the drivers foot. Electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics or any other device may in no way affect the throttle operation. A fixed stop under carburetor or gas pedal is permitted. Throttle timers, staging controllers and counters prohibited.

1) The competitors will be run on a random pull system throughout eliminations.  First round bye determined by best reaction time from qualifying, ties broken by first to accomplish. Further rounds are reaction time in previous round, ties broken by package, then first to accomplish. Bye runs do not carry but may be re-earned. Lane preference will be determined by the staging lane racers pull into. If there is only one lane of cars left card draw will determine lane choice. The bye has lane choice if paired.

2) Courtesy staging is mandatory in all classes. Deep stagers will courtesy stage by lighting both pre-stage and stage bulbs if “DEEP” is clearly marked on all sides of the vehicle. Deep staging is the sole responsibility of the driver.

3) Dial-ins can not be changed past the dedicated ready line.  Junior tire covers can be removed after the water box. 

4) IHRA Motorsports employees, team members, staff and IHRA track owners/operators/managers are not eligible.

To take advantage of the Summit SuperSeries program, please see the track manager of a local IHRA track for complete membership and registration details.





Summit Team Finals

At the end of the season, each track selects a team of racers from among its top points finalists. These drivers earn the right to represent their home track at the Summit Team Finals. Drivers compete in several performance-based categories, which may include: Top, Modified, Super, Motorcycle, Junior Dragster or other sportsman classes. Racers will eliminate down until a Summit Team Finals Team Champion and individual class champions are crowned. Class winners will receive an IHRA Ironman trophy and an IHRA Gold Card.